Dell XPS 13 Keyboard Protector

Dell XPS 13 Keyboard – Dell xps 13 is the best performing laptop with long battery life, not something strange if we compares Dell XPS 13 laptop with Macbook 12inch, the result is more perfect.

The soft-touch carbon-fiber deck makes typing a real pleasure

Mark Spoonauer

What is value for Dell XPS 13 laptop? 10? Or 100? We don’t give the best number, but just perfect. Good performance using the 7th generation of Intel Pentium Core (Kaby Lake), a simple but compelling design. First time I saw the screen I was amazed, not because of Quad HD but the screen looks borderless, maybe I look ridiculous when writing this … lmao


But here I am talking about keyboard protectors. Do you realize that every laptop always has a weakness in their keyboard? Such as dust and water spills that can make your favorite laptop quickly damaged?.

So we will give you a few products that can protect the Dell XPS 13 laptop keyboard. Because this laptop is new and not a lot but we have the test results.

Thin Transparent Waterproof TPU Keyboard Protector Cover for Newest Model Dell XPS 13

Vfeng is a brand from china who made keyboard protector cover, very new but it does not mean they are random in making protective laptop. Safe to use, the material with get best quality of TPU, but don’t cause noise, thinner and we feel there not used this protective while typing this article.

Weakness of this product. If you guys too often washed it will be easy to look dirty, yes but not a serious problem because it can be removed by washing using vinegar or cleaning with lime, also Dell XPS 13 Keyboard protector cover is not support for DUK version.

Ultra Thin Silicone Keyboard Protector Cover Skin

Who does not know CaseBuy? the products offered the best protective cover. This time their keyboard protector have more color, so you just choose according to your taste.

Made fit for Dell XPS 13 and using best material of course. Unfortunately not TPU, not sticky, quite comfortable to use. And if you are lucky they give big discount if buy more than 2 … yeaahhh.

This keyboard protector is also not support for laptop Dell XPS UK version too.

Europe Keyboard Cover

This keyboard cover is for Europe Type (EU/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES). So you guys can find it here. For the material used they used good TPU Premium, eco-friendly, and very comfortable to used. Of course doesn’t make you guys broke.

Keyboard TPU Cover Skin for Dell XPS 13

Mingfi, there is only this brand, but I sure will appear much Dell XPS 13 keyboard cover for European version.

Material used is TPU. Not many laptops use thin TPU material, because it’s not long lasting. But the brand is eco friendly so material they use are safe for our keyboard, non-adhesive, and easy to wash.

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