MacBook Pro Touch Bar Cases 15 Inch

Macbook Pro 15 inch Case – I see Apple Macbook Pro as the best laptop I have ever had, not because I like the design, but because it has become a part of myself with this Apple product. For design, this latest Apple Laptop looks more like a MacBook Air, with a very thin Bezel, only 0.61 inches, it’s the same as Dell XPS 15 laptop, and Microsoft’s new Surface Pro laptop (both 0.6 inches), also slimmer than Razer Blade Pro laptop (0.88 inches).

What do you think about material they used? Does it look hard and safe?, because this Macbook Pro uses Aluminum base material for some places.


Only 4 Pounds, so it’s very light right?, but do you feel safe carrying this Macbook Pro?, for work trips or going to your friend’s house?.

We will recommend best Macbook Pro 15 inch Case for you guys, safe for  laptop and a cheap price too.

Handmade Leather Sleeve Case for New Macbook Pro 15

Very good and classic, that’s first thing comes to my mind about DM Leather Studio products. Leather they use is very original, processed very well, to produce best quality product.

They use manual process for Macbook Pro 15 inch Case, good material, good protection. You know, we tried to do some tests on this product, the result is, our Macbook Pro just fine.

For the 15 inch macbook pro, you have to choose from the menu, it’s very lucky if you still get stock from them. And you can choose white or black according to your preferences, we prefer black because it’s very cool.

Macbook Pro 15 2016 Case

Don’t like leather? maybe a softer but safe material for Macbook Pro 15 from CaseBuy can be used as a reference.

This product uses soft flannel, is quite comfortable to carry, and has several bags for some accessories. Waterproof, anti-scratch, and when we tried protector, we were impressed, we tried dropping it, and wasn’t damaged, but don’t try to drop it from 5th floor, just used this protector won’t be enough.

The good news is, they provide a new replacement guarantee for 30 days after the item is received, will we return this Macbook Pro 15 inch Case? we think not. There is still 1-year guarantee for repairs.

Slim Business Backpack for Macbook Pro 15-Inch

If you are looking for a backpack for the Macbook Pro 15, then product from Kopack is most suitable, why ?, Because it looks stylish, this backpack is also very safe and has many functions.

What are functions?, just read until finished.

The functions :
  • Get a laptop easily and store the rest in the other personal compartments, also the zipper can be locked to D ring, keep the privacy of the laptop.
  • With 17 slot daypack commuter, offers you a fantastic experience, say goodbye to digging in the bag, because every gadget is easy to manage.
  • Built-in USB port controlled by wires, it is easy to charge smart phones without the hassle of taking power bank

The fabric is enhanced with a very good texture, displayed with waterproof oxford material, durable for unexpected rain, in just 5 minutes cleaning, and no trace of water. The shoulder strap and back are very soft, using a high elasticity sponge material offering extra back support and comfort. Has a nice textured inner layer.

Canvas Laptop Backpack Vintage for Macbook Pro 15

I tried to compare several brands of backpacks for 15-Inch Macbook pro, product from Lifewit maybe not the best, but enough to make me happy because of the design and size.

Why I am interested to buy it?

If asked why, of course I will answer, I like the design and size that can contain lots of clothes and other equipment. Some of us even tried to carry this backpack out of town, the result, sadness, not waterproof and easily looked dirty. This backpack is made of canvas, I don’t think it’s fair to destroy their reputation, right?.

Macbook Pro Case 15 inch in UK/Europe

Looking for a pro macbook protector in the UK? you are in the right place, why? because we will give best of the best to protect your Macbook Pro UK.

Professional Business Backpack with USB Charging Port for Macbook Pro 15

Many variations this Aisparky brand, not only protect laptop but committed to making the latest innovations and best protective bag for laptops.

The backpack is made of durable nylon fabric, the straps on back allow backpack to fit in the trunk to facilitate our business trips and other outdoor activities. Soft lined laptop case, accommodate laptops less than 15.6 inches, offering enough space, and comfort.

Having charging function and headphone slot are also advantages this laptop backpack, this backpack doesn’t make us tired quickly if used all day.

Laptop Briefcase Handbag Compatible 15 MacBook Pro

Familiar with this Mosiso brand?, they make almost all the protective laptop, and produce in Europe. There is no word wasted, for all their products.

Canvas material printed with Chevron design, is a trend among fans of laptop case in Europe. Many say, cool, epic, or funky. You know, we only care about the function, lmao.

This Macbook Pro 15 inch Case have polyester foam padding and fluffy fleece. The fabric lining for bump and shock absorption, also can protect your Macbook Pro from accidental scratches.

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