Step to Make Your Laptop More Secure

laptop security

Did your laptop damage it or did someone else do it? You are in the right place because we will discuss how to make laptop more secure.

I’m going to give a few tips, not a lot but it might be very useful for you to make your laptop more secure.

Many people have asked me in the group, how to secure your laptops, or at least make the laptop seems safe.

Because I am not a security technology expert yet, so I suggest some tips for you, not concluding or you already do but get wrong way to do it.


Actually it’s very easy to secure a laptops. Of course, you have read 10 ways to secure a laptop, or 8 easy steps to make your laptop safe, right?

This method has nothing wrong and you must follow. If you still want to know how to make secure my laptop.

Here some video from youtube for you go.

Before continuing reading I want to tell you if I don’t sell goods, or get money from a certain brand and force you to buy it. I am only use links from Amazon LLC programs.

Secure from Hacker Attacks

Have you seen personal data and your photos are scattered?

Or your money suddenly disappeared?

Do you use a laptop for all bank transactions?

Congratulations, you guys just hacked. So how to deal with it?

  • Do not save passwords in laptops, both browsers and notes.
  • Always make sure the laptop has been shutdown and unplug or disconnect the internet connection if not in use.
  • And most importantly, always update your Operating System.

The three methods above have become the basis for securing your laptop from hacker attacks. If you have done it, don’t forget to close camera on your laptop.

And now you will ask me how I do it. Right?

Webcam Cover, 0.03Inch Ultra Thin Web Camera Cover Slide

I use it to protected from hacker attacks and of course certain agencies which would like to see or record my activities online via webcam.

I certainly don’t want my online activities in view of other people besides making things uncomfortable It can also be dangerous if suddenly our face on all over social media.

Secure from Viruses and Malware

Why do we have to secure laptops from viruses and malware? Because if you continue work online with internet, make sure you have a good antivirus.

Not by downloading and using stupid methods, but by renting or buying an antivirus that you think is in accordance with you need to protect your laptops.

I don’t force you to buy an antivirus, just recommend video below for you to see.

If you’ve watched it, it means you already understand how viruses and malware works. Isn’t it?

So you guys know what antivirus should be used.

To secure more, you need protect from others too who might make antivirus not working or deactivated by force.

You can try this product:

Fingerprint Reader Analyzer a Wireless Biometrics Computer Security Login Lock

Protect your laptops using fingerprints. Secure certain folders or applications so they can’t be accessed.

And of course, lock windows using your fingers.

Once again I never forced you to buy it, because I used this protector so that my son stopped watching cartoons from my laptop. Thanks god, its work.

Secure from Thieves

It might sound silly, but I’m sure your laptop isn’t cheap.

A laptop with a price of more than $1000. Stolen from your room or where ever you work.

Is very painful right? So this is what I do :

  • Always listen to music from the laptop.
  • Make sure you put it in front of your eyes.
  • Store it in a bag that uses a key.
  • And use a locking cable if your laptop has a protective slot.

Using a cable lock for a laptop can be the answer, if your laptop has a protective slot. What is a protective slot? try see picture below :

Slot for keningston key in laptop
Security slot with red circle

Do you see the part I gave the red circle? Try checking on your laptop, because only expensive laptops have.

Details about what is security lock or laptop protective slot, read here Kensington Security Slot (Wikipedia)

Kensington Combination Cable Lock for Laptops

Use this best product to secure your laptop from a thief. With a randomly chosen number combination key, the locking cable will protect your laptop. This cable also made from iron fibers that are not easily to break.

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to always be careful and secure your laptop so that nothing bad will happens.

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